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Posted June 14, 2018: 

The second installment of class member settlement payments will mail on June 27, 2018. These payments shall reflect a pro rata share of each class member's award. Additional distributions may be made in the future should adequate funds be available to make general unsecured distributions and only after setting aside funds for critical reserves. Additional distributions will be subject to the resolution of certain disputes and the net proceeds from real estate sales that have unknown timings and amounts.

 If you have moved, please advise the Settlement Administrator of your new address. See the CONTACT US page for the Settlement Administrator’s contact information.

La segunda entrega de los pagos del arreglo se enviará por correo postal a los miembros de la clase el 27 de junio de 2018. Estos pagos reflejarán una parte proporcional de la adjudicación de cada miembro de la clase. Distribuciones adicionales pueden hacerse en el futuro si los fondos adecuados estan disponibles para hacer distribuciones generales no garantizadas y solo después de apartar fondos para reservas críticas. Las distribuciones adicionales estarán sujetas a la resolución de ciertas disputas y los ingresos netos de las ventas de bienes raíces que tienen tiempos y montos desconocidos.

Si usted se ha mudado, por favor avise al Administrador del Acuerdo de su nueva dirección. Vea la página de CONTACT US para información de contacto del Administrador del Acuerdo.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about the Settlement with Pacific Steel and to inform Settlement Class Members. Although the information in this website is intended to assist you, it does not replace the information contained in the Class Notice or the Settlement Agreement, both of which can be downloaded from this website.


Summary of the case

A proposed settlement has been reached between Representative Plaintiff Roberto Rodriguez on behalf of the Certified Class and Defendant Pacific Steel Casting Company, and all of its direct and indirect parent and subsidiary entities resolving all of the claims in the Class Action in the Court brought on behalf of the Class Members.

In the action, Plaintiffs allege that Pacific Steel violated labor laws protecting workers' rights to timely meal periods; to a suitable place to secure, heat, and eat meals; to wages for all hours worked; to accurate wage statements; to timely pay for all wages due upon separation; and related claims.

Plaintiffs and Pacific Steel have agreed to settle all of the claims in the Action, subject to the Court's approval.


Class Member options

Do nothing If you do nothing, you will receive a proportionate share of the Settlement based on the number of weeks you worked for Pacific Steel during the Claim Period. If you move, or if your address is different from the address on the evelope containing this Notice, report your new address to the Claims Administrator, Gilardi & Co. LLC. N/A
Challenge Your settlement share is based on your number of workweeks reported by Pacific Steel during the Claim Period. If you believe this report in incorrect, you may challenge the number of workweeks reported for you by completing and mailing the Challenge Form to the Claims Administrator. April 28, 2014 (postmarked by)
Object If you object to the terms of the Settlement, you may mail a written objection. April 28, 2014 (postmarked by)
Opt-out You may exclude yourself from the Settlement only if you previously opted-out of the case in response to the prior Notices of this Class Action issued in 2013. If you opt-out, you will not receive a share of the settlement, and you may not object. April 28, 2014 (postmarked by)